All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Bhubaneswar
All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Bhubaneswar

Director's Foundation Day Message

Dear faculty, staff, students and well-wishers of AIIMS Bhubaneswar,

As we celebrated our fifth Foundation day on 15th July 2017, it gave me a wonderful feeling to have stood before all our guests on our very own stage, in our very own auditorium which we have waited for some time. I am sure this was the first of many special occasions, wonderful meetings, programmes and conferences which will be held our beautiful auditorium in the years to come. It was our privilege and honour to welcome our chief guest Prof. Jagat Ram, Director of PGIMER, Chandigarh, who consented to be here with us despite his heavy schedule and also welcome Padmashri Prof. S.K Acharya, well know academician and gastroenterologist as guest of honour for the occasion. We look forward to having them inspire and guide us as we take our baby steps in times to come.

As we celebrated five years of existence as an institution, we can sit back and reminisce as to how we were in the early years and where we are today. While patting ourselves on the back for the progress we have made, it is also a day on which we need to introspect, give thanks to those who have brought us to the place we are today and perceive what we can do better. I must mention here that it is only because of the herculean efforts of the Founder Director Prof. A.K. Mahapatra that this institution has progressed so fast. We cannot and should not forget the generous lead we have because of his efforts and hard work. The former Supdt. Engineer Mr. Nanda also needs special mention for his contribution to the project from the very beginning.

This past week, I had the privilege of opening many new facilities and conveniences for patients, students and the public. The patient care services at AIIMS Bhubaneswar are constantly being tweaked, spruced up and improved to make the AIIMS experience a pleasurable and trouble-free one for the patients and their attenders. A new separate counter for registration of patients coming to trauma & emergency and a triage area in the Dept. Of Trauma & Emergency were inaugurated yesterday. An OT complex with three more new theatres and an adjoining ICU complex with MICU, PICU & NICU were also officially inaugurated. In keeping with the Kayakalp programme we have opened two public convenience complexes one near the trauma building and one near the OMFED booth. Earlier this year, drinking water facility was opened for the public. This was a much needed and essential utility not only for patients but also for their attenders and other workers. The cash counters in the OPD have been improved and modified to help the patients, and a CCTV monitor room has been set up with the installation of CCTVs in crucial areas of the hospital. The Dept. Of Surgery has opened two clinics, A breast clinic and a colorectal clinic besides setting up a skill training lab with two endo trainers, with two more that will quickly follow. The Dept. Of Anatomy has acquired cold storage facilities for preserving bodies and will now provide embalming services and storage services to those in need of preserving the bodies of their beloved ones until the rituals can be completed. For the students, I had the pleasure of opening a much-needed gymnasium, a promise I made to them on October 2nd 2016, on Gandhi Jayanthi Day. We have also opened a shopping complex by renovating the old dining hall and I am sure very soon the laundry, grocery and stationery shop and other household requirements will be available to students and residents of our campus so that they do not have to go outside for small purchases. The lawn area in front of the Directors' bungalow has been cleared of debris and it gives me pleasure to watch children playing, residents doing yoga and students taking a break and relaxing on the grass. The Type V quarters, a long-awaited necessity has been completed and most of the faculty who have been allocated the apartments have moved in. We have very recently opened an endoscopy facility in the gastroenterology department with state-of-the-art endoscopes. The clinical laboratory services are being completely provided by the Departments of Microbiology, Pathology and Biochemistry since January this year. The labour room complex was opened and now, patients coming to AIIMS for delivery can go through what is usually a very difficult time in a pleasant environment.

Last week on July 8th we opened the AIIMS Satellite OPD centre at Balasore. This was a major milestone for the benefit of the people of Balasore. It could not have been possible if not for the interest, enthusiasm and logistic support provided by the Director of ITR, Dr. B. Das and his team for which we shall be always grateful.

This July we have started three super-specialty courses, MCh in Neurosurgery and Pediatric surgery and DM in Pulmonary medicine. In December last year a workshop including all the new AIIMS was organized by us to prepare a generic logbook for the interns. This logbook is the basis of the assessment of the internship programme. Our first batch of interns joined on January 1st 2017. We also conducted an internship orientation programme for them introducing them to the art and science of medical practice. Many workshops, seminars, conferences have been held and all the special days have been celebrated with much enthusiasm and with a focus on public education. The medical education unit and research cell have been inspired to conduct many faculty development programmes, PG orientation programmes and so on. Intramural research funds have been disbursed to many young faculty to enable them to start projects which may lead them to apply for extramural research funds. We also conducted a hands-on workshop on the Public Fund Management System, inviting the Finance departments from all the new AIIMS to come here for this 3 day programme in order to sensitize and teach them how to use this tool for managing their day to day financial transactions.

It would be remiss of me if I did not acknowledge the "silent" workers behind the scene, the hundreds of cleaning staff, support staff, administrative and finance & accounts staff, the hospital paramedical staff, security personnel and others. It is only because of their contribution and the excellent supervision by the Dean, Prof.Vikas Bhatia, Medical Superintendent, Prof. Dillip Parida, Deputy Director of Administration, Mr. Pradeep Ray, Financial Advisor, Mr. Ravidra Pattar, Superintending Engineer Mr. Sutar, Executive Engineers for civil and electrical works, Registrar, Additional Medical Supdt., each and every Deputy Medical Superintendents, Deputy Nursing Superintendent and the consultants for security and IT that today I am able to list some of the achievements we have been able to accomplish in these nine and a half months since I took over as Director here.

Though AIIMS Bhubaneswar has received recognition among the public,we need to do more to become a 'patient friendly' hospital and a 'patient safe' hospital. Though we are starting to do research we need to do more 'action oriented' and applied research and find solutions to problems which are our own and belong to our region. Though we have the crème de la crème of students we need to do more to inculcate social responsibility, ethical values and professional outlook in our students. Multi storied buildings, mega research projects, prestigious awards, international publications and collaborations may be the benchmarks by which we are judged by peers; but we must also strive to become an institution admired for the high quality of rational, cost effective, evidence based and ethical management of all patients knocking on the doors of AIIMS Bhubaneswar and in providing the very best in medical education with challenging, engaging curricula using the best T-L methods, assessment techniques in order to foster a culture of life-long learning in our students. We should become leaders in the use of state-of-the-art technology in education, patient management, and administration. We should become an institution venerated for the empathy, professionalism and holistic approach shown by all its doctors, nurses and staff in treating the underserved. This, I hope, will be our mantra for the near future.


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